JVZoo Setup Guide

The EDD JVZoo plugin uses the JVZoo IPN notification functionality to update your site with any purchases made through JVZoo.  To utilize these capabilities it is necessary for you to provide a URL for JVZoo to send its notifications to for each product offered on JVZoo.

EDD / JVZoo Initial Setup

The EDD JVZoo plugin and JVZoo itself must share a secret key to ensure secure communication when notifying of a sale.  This key must be entered in both your WordPress site as well as in JVZoo.   You create the key yourself and supply it to both JVZoo and WordPress.

Set Secret Key in JVZoo

The secret key is set in JVZoo under your My Account → Edit Your Personal Information page.  Enter your key into the JVZIPN Secret Key field and save your changes.

Set Secret Key in WordPress

The secret key is set in WordPress under the Settings → JVZoo menu.  Enter the same key you provided to JVZoo in the JVZoo Secret Key field and Submit your changes.  Note: This page also provides you a template URL for JVZoo if you don’t want to view each URL on each product page.  Simply enter the ID of the product in question at the end of your URL.

jvzoo account settings

EDD Product Setup

The URL you need to provide to JVZoo is available for each of your products set up in EDD.  You can view this by opening the Download page for the product in question.  The URL will be on the right side of the screen in the JVZoo meta-box.  You can copy the URL out of there to provide to JVZoo.  (Note: If you are running a test or development version of your site the URL may reference a location JVZoo can’t access such as http://localhost/… or…  In these cases you will need to provide JVZoo with a URL that can access your test website.  Instructions on how to do this are beyond the scope of this guide.)

Package Pricing

If you offer variable pricing on your product in EDD and want to offer them as separate products in JVZoo you can do so with a simple modification to the JVZoo IPN URL.  You will need to add the following to the end of your IPN URL: &edd_pn=<your pricing option number>

The pricing option number is found in EDD in the Download Prices section of your product.  You will want to set that value equal to the ID for the option the product in JVZoo should be tied to.


JVZoo Product Setup

You need to provide the EDD  IPN URL we located above for each JVZoo product you offer (the URL is different for each product). To do that edit the product in JVZoo and scroll down until you can see the ‘External Program Integration’ expandable options on the right and open them.  Paste the EDD IPN URL we found above into the JVZIPN URL for Method #1.

The URL you paste in should be formatted as follows: http://www.your-website.com/?jvzooipn=ipn&eddid=[DownloadID]

Once you have saved your changes you should be set up to process both purchases as well as refunds / charge-backs (both are handled as Refunds in EDD).

If you have any questions feel free to submit a support ticket.

jvzoo ipn settings