EDD – Warrior Plus Setup Guide

The EDD WarriorPlus plugin uses the WarriorPlus IPN notification functionality to update your site with any purchases made through WarriorPlus.  To utilize these capabilities it is necessary for you to provide a URL for WarriorPlus to send its notifications to for each product offered on WarriorPlus.

WarriorPlus Settings

Security Key

The EDD WarriorPlus plugin and WarriorPlus itself can optionally share a security key to ensure secure communication when notifying of a sale / refund.  This key is provided by WarriorPlus and must be configured on your WordPress site.   One single key applies to all products sold under your WarriorPlus account.

The security key(s) can be found in WarriorPlus by clicking on the Security Key link under your Account page.  If you don’t already have a key then click to generate one.  Once you have a generated key, copy the key itself for the next step – saving it in EDD.

The secret key is set in WordPress under the Downloads -> Settings → Extensions menu page within the configuration settings for WarriorPlus.

WarriorPlus Setup Guide - 1

Paste the key you copied from WarriorPlus in the WarriorPlus Security Key field and Submit your changes.

WSO Integration

The WarriorPlus plugin also supports a more advanced integration on WSO accounts.  If you have a WSO account you can optionally also return the license key generated during a purchase back to WarriorPlus to display to the user.  (Note: This functionality requires the Software Licensing plugin to function)  You can also configure the exact format of the message that will be displayed on WarriorPlus.

If you would like to use this functionality you will need to configure the settings from the Downloads -> Settings -> Extensions menu page in the WarriorPlus configuration settings.  To enable the WSO capabilities check the Show License Key In WarriorPlus checkbox.  You can also change the License Key Template Text to the specific message you would like displayed to the user.  You can use following tags to customize the text per purchase:

{licenseKey} – The license key generated for the purchase

{name} – The customer’s name

{username} – The new username for the user account

{email} – The customer’s email account that has been used for new user account.

WarriorPlus Setup Guide - 2

WarriorPlus New User Email

The EDD WarriorPlus plugin can optionally create a new user (matching on the buyer’s email address) on your WordPress site when a purchase is made.  To enable this functionality you will need to check the Create New User On Purchase checkbox within the WarriorPlus settings on the Extension tab.

If this setting is checked then an email will automatically be sent to the user with their username and password.  You can customize this notification from the EDD Settings -> Email tab -> WarriorPlus Notifications section.

 WarriorPlus Setup Guide - 3

EDD Product Setup

WarriorPlus Setup Guide - 4The URL you need to provide to WarriorPlus is available for each of your products set up in EDD.  You can view this by opening the Download page for the product in question.  The URL will be on the right side of the screen in the WarriorPlus meta-box.  You can copy the URL out of there to provide to WarriorPlus.  (Note: If you are running a test or development version of your site the URL may reference a location WarriorPlus can’t access such as http://localhost/… or…  In these cases you will need to provide WarriorPlus with a URL that can access your test website.  Instructions on how to do this are beyond the scope of this guide.)

If you are using the advanced WSO integration option this meta-box will have two URLs.  Make sure you provide both to WarriorPlus as described below.

WarriorPlus IPN Configuration

You need to provide the URL(s) we provided by EDD for each WarriorPlus product you offer (the URL is different for each product). To do that edit the product in WarriorPlus and scroll down until you can see the ‘Custom Integration (advanced)’ options.  Paste the WarriorPlus Notification URL into the Notification URL field in WarriorPlus.  If you have enabled the WSO integration you will also need to paste the WarriorPlus Key Generation URL into the Key Generation URL field in WarriorPlus.

WarriorPlus Setup Guide - 5

Once you have saved your changes you should be set up to process both purchases as well as refunds / charge-backs (both are handled as Refunds in EDD).

Variable Pricing Support

If your product has variable pricing configured in EDD then you will want to add additional information to your IPN URL(s) to allow the purchase from WarriorPlus to register with the correct option.  To do so you will need to append the following to the end of the Notification URL (and Key Generation URL if being used):

&edd_pn=<Price Option ID>

The price option ID is available on your EDD Download under the ID column.  Using the Notification URL in the image above, adding support for a price option with ID 4 would look like this: http://yoursite.com/?wplusipn=ipn&edd_id=1&edd_pn=4